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Drainage environmental ecology and local participation

Most drainages in Taiwan are adjacent to cities, rural, and fishing villages. Comparing to other water bodies, drainages are closer to locals’ living space. Moreover, due to its high overlapping with human’s home range, the correlation between human and drainage ecology is quite frequent. Thus the quality of drainage ecology would have an evident impact on people’s daily life. While the ecology issue of the water environment is being attended by all over the world, the proper use and administration of drainage have become one of the important matters of future drainage management. Drainage has its specialty in hydrology, geography, ecology, and humanities. Due to the insufficiency of basic data and use following the regulation of river management, characteristics and resources of environmental development are less highlighted, even though there are already some projects regarding ecological drainage protection and environmental development. Moreover, the lack of systematical correlation within projects has made it difficult for continuing application. Thus it is necessary to have a long term plan with integrity.

WRPI has started the first section (2014-2016) research of drainage ecological characteristic, assessment of health, engineering ecological checklist, etc., expecting it as the simple assessing tool of fast diagnosis of drainage characteristics, future monitoring, and management. For the second section (2017-2020), ecological characteristics, assessment of health, engineering ecological checklist and local participation (as Figure 1) would be under the investigation of drainage, making it meet the needs of planning and management, and further encour age people taking the initiative of ecological investigation and maintenance of drainage environment. The method of participative drainage investigation would also be under research, to provide the application of drainage ecological-friendly measure.

Figure.1 Local participation in drainage ecology investigation

Figure.1 Local participation in drainage ecology investigation