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Development and Application of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling for the drainage system

WRPI has compiled the "Drainage Remediation and Environmental Planning Reference Manual" for the respective River Management Offices of the WRA and county or city governments for their execution of the drainage remediation and environmental rehabilitation project. In recent years, with the improvement of hydrological observation technology, many hydrological observation techniques have been gradually applied to drainage planning. WRPI has verified the hydrological model applicable to Taiwan through the verification of the local observation data. Also, through the establishment of the SOP of building the hydrological model, the accuracy and computational efficiency of the hydrological model was able to improve.

To implement regional disaster prevention, since 2015 WRPI has used the results of the third-generation Flood Inundation Map to build the integrated platform for the application of high-performance 2D inundation simulation called "Flood Early Warning System." It has successfully integrated the FEWS_Taiwan to the Flood Inundation Map. In the system, the SOBEK model for Taichung City and Tainan City in Flood Inundation Map uses the forecast data of the CWB to predict the possible flooding range for the next three hours. The Operational Testing result can be seen in Figure 1. After integrating SOBEK 2D flooding mode, FEWS_Taiwan has improved the flooding mode from static situational simulation to dynamic real-time data simulation through immediate and forecasted rainfall information, which is a crucial milestone for early warning of flooding areas. As the computer computing speed increases, the use of FEWS_Taiwan has stabilized the scheduling capability, coupling with a fast parallel computing architecture and the stable update of the basic data that improves the correctness and calculation speed of the model, the goal of instant flood warning can be achieved.

Figure.1 Operational Testing of Flood Early Warning System

Figure.1 Operational Testing of Flood Early Warning System