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Knowledge of Geological test / Geological boring

Geological boring is typically done by standard penetration test to determine the number of poundings in the soil being penetrated (SPT-N value), and taking split-spoon samples for general physical property tests of the soil at the lab, or, in case of rock formation, making rock core drill with core barrels to analyze the bed rock, in which the SPT-N value is used to determine how soft or compact a ground layer is. On-site geological boring shown in Figure 1.

Working equipment:
  1. Devices of standard penetration test: pounding cone, rod, sampler, etc.
  2. three-section core barrel: comprising inner barrel, projecting device, rig-specific rod, winch, etc.
  3. other ancillaries:
    1. hoist truck (1): for moving heavy machinery and equipment, such as drill, SPT devices;
    2. measuring instruments: hand-held GPS, 50-M tape measure, etc. for searching for boring positions or taking water depth.
      Figure.1 On-site geological boring

      Figure.1 On-site geological boring