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Belize Interdepartmental Rapid Response Team Visited Our Institute2023-08-24
“Using science for improved water governance in a changing environment” lecture2022-11-22
Hydrological Topography Data Set (HTD)—The Data Set for High Resolution 2D Urban Flood Modeling2022-10-20
Cross-border experience sharing on the development of desalination technology2022-07-25
2022 Water Environment Improvement Master planning Co-Learning Camp 2022-06-01
Understanding Water, Professionals - Sharing and Symbiosis of Jianan Water Culture2021-09-17
The Geoscience Laboratory and the Niaozueitan Artificial Lake on-site laboratory of the Water Resources Planning Institutes (WRPI) submit a new application to Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) for accreditation renewal2021-09-01
WRPI held the 2021 TECRO-AIT Water Resources Cooperation Program, Appendix #6 "Technical Guideline for Design and Construction of Plastic Concrete Cutoff Walls" Review video Conference2021-08-18
Rooftop Photovoltaic System of Water Resources Planning Institute2021-07-30
The Water Resources Planning Institute(WRPI) and the National Science and Technology Museum(NSTM) held the opening ceremony of "The Years of Water- Water Conservancy and Disaster Prevention Cultural Relics Exhibition"2021-07-30
Development of flood forecasting system and data assimilation2021-07-29
Integrated Watershed Flow and Sedimentation Model Development2021-07-29
Visiting emergency desalination plants to realize desalination industrial trends2021-07-23
Infiltration estimation using geotemperature profile from groundwater monitoring well2021-07-20
The Feasibility Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment of Hsinchu Desalination Plant2020-12-22
Resilience x Efficiency x Water Service –Cross-domain integration of water resource Internet of Things2020-11-09
The Assessment on Coastal Protection of Outlying Islands General Sea Dikes2020-11-02
Large Scale Hydraulic Model Applies PIV Technology to Velocity Measurement2020-10-30
"RESERVOIR DESILTATION-Technology and Management" Published2020-10-23
Technical Consulting and Training of Runoff Allocation and Outflow Control2020-10-20