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The Water Resources Planning Institute(WRPI) and the National Science and Technology Museum(NSTM) held the opening ceremony of "The Years of Water- Water Conservancy and Disaster Prevention Cultural Relics Exhibition"

The WRPI and the NSTM co-organized the "The Years of Water- Water Conservancy Disaster Prevention Cultural Relic Exhibition" from March 12, 2021 (Friday) to April 11, 2021 (Sunday). A batch of water conservancy test instruments was transferred from the WRPI to the NSTM to playback the initial test process of the Zengwen Reservoir at that time. The transferred instruments are as follows:

(1) Large-scale soil triaxial compressor,

(2) Large-scale electric compactor,

(3) Sample transporter,

(4) Large-scale laboratory mixer,

(5) American-made drilling machine,

(6) Rotary cup flowmeter

(7) Propeller type current meter

(8) Small hydraulic models


Deputy General Wang, the Disaster Prevention and Rescue Office of the Executive Yuan,  the Deputy Director-General Wang of the Water Resources Agency(WRA), Director Chen of the NSTM, and Director Chen of the WRPI together attended the opening ceremony as well as the local media and representatives of the relevant public sector.


The geotechnical laboratory of the WRPI kept these instruments and donated these cultural relics. These instruments were crucial in obtaining the dam materials' shear strength and the dam's stability parameters. They were once used for the early planning stage of the Zengwen Reservoir project,  then will be preserved in the high-quality storage environment of the NSTM. Through these experiments, instruments, and essential chronicles, we can review the difficult process and historical process of Zengwen Reservoir construction at that time and the great significance of reservoir.


The WRPI wishes these relics exhibition can call for the public to understand the essence of water resources and teach the next generation to strengthen their concept of water conservation. People could learn more from this exhibition to cherish water resources and coordinate with the government to overcome future challenges and create a better water environment.

Photo 1 Large-scale soil triaxial compression instruments (the focus of this exhibition)

Photo 2 Related soil engineering testing instruments

Photo 3 American-made geological drilling machine

Photo 4 Flowmeter and small hydraulic model

Photo 5 The NSTM issue certificate of appreciation to the WRPI

Photo 6 The WRA, The NSTM, and the WRPI unveil the large-scale soil triaxial compression test specimen

Photo 7  Deputy Director-General Wang (WRA)(first left), Deputy Director Wang, the Disaster Prevention and Rescue Office of the Executive Yuan(second left), Director Chen of the NSTM (second right), and Director Chen of the WRPI(first right)