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  • Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Secretary
  • Irrigation and DrainagePlanning div

    Survey, investigation, planning and R&D of irrigation and drainage ; irrigation test ; and regional drainage work survey.

  • Geo-Tech Research div

    Geological drilling, survey, rock and soil mechanics, engineering material test, and groundwater R&D.

  • Accounting and Statistics Office

    Planning, allocation, and control of annual budget ; accounting affairs ; procurement; and supervision of property settlement.

  • River Planning div

    Survey, investigation, planning and R&D of river regulation planning ; and investigation of coastal changes and coastal hydrology and meteorology.

  • Groundwater Research Center

    Planning on Groundwater and Hyporheic Flow Development and Conservation ; Technology of Groundwater hydrology ; Groundwater Monitoring Wells ; Study on Land-Subsidence Prevention and Environmental and Ecology.

  • Personnel Office

    Personnel management, covering organizational planning ; appointment, dismissal, promotion, transfer, performance evaluation, reward/punishment, training, continuing education and training, and attendance.

  • Water Resources Planning div

    Water resource investigation ; system analysis ; and the investigation , planning and R&D of water resources development plans.

  • Secretariat

    Document and file management, clerical affairs, cashier, property management, administration, research and evaluation and affairs not belonging to any divs.

  • Civil Service Ethics Office

    Prevention, detection and handling of corruption ; promotion of laws and regulations on government ethics ; and maintenance of confidential documents.

  • Hydro-Tech Research div

    Test and R&D of hydro-technological and mathematical models.