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"RESERVOIR DESILTATION-Technology and Management" Published

Publish Date: 2020-10-23

Most of the reservoirs around the world are facing sedimentation problem, which has become the cause for decrease in the effective storage. Many countries around the world have adopted various techniques to slow down the reservoir sedimentation rate especially in Taiwan. Among them, the hydraulic desiltation, flushing the sediment to the downstream,is an effective and important structural measure. After two years of cooperation with National Taiwan University, we collected practical experience and cases from Taiwan, Japan, and Switzerland, focusing on reservoir desilting management and technology as the main topics. In February this year, we published the book "RESERVOIR DESILTATION-Technology and Management".

This book introduces several hydraulic desiltation projects, operating through bypass tunnels or sluicing tunnels at reservoirs, which includes Miwa Reservoir, Asahi Reservoir and Koshibu Reservoir in Japan; Palagnedra Reservoir, Solis Reservoir and Egschi Reservoir in Switzerland; and Shihmen Reservoir, Zengwen Reservoir and Nanhua Reservoir in Taiwan. In addition to desilting technique, other auxiliary measures are also addressed to cover more aspects of integrated sediment management.

The contents of this book combine the knowledge of experienced experts and the practical cases in Taiwan, Japan, and Switzerland. It will be a useful training material for engineers and the personnel who are in charge of the reservoir operation and management. Our intent of initiating this book is to raise the awareness and share the experiences for a better understanding of reservoir sedimentation management, and hopefully to stimulate innovative ideas to meet the challenges of climate change.

The book cover