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Resilience x Efficiency x Water Service –Cross-domain integration of water resource Internet of Things

Publish Date: 2020-11-09

Taiwan is facing the impact of climate change. It has increased the risk of floods and droughts. The concentration of population and industries in the metropolis has increased the pressure on water supply and flood discharge. In the face of future challenges, the WRA combines forward-looking technological innovation thinking with cross-domain integration of resource technologies to develop an overall solution for smart regulation of water resources (Fig. 1 Smart Control of Multiple Water Sources System), including the deployment of digital sensors and development of a cloud platform which can be integrated with virtual weather stations (Fig 2 Framework of System Service). This system will improve forecasts and assist decision makers in planning for the future. Through open data, open source programs, patent technology transfer, and convenient water services, the application foundation of production, government, education, research and civilian development will be activated.

In summary, using The IoT technology could master the key water information, and thus cloud improves government governance and water supply efficiency, and promote the development of the domestic water industry. On the other hand, the IoT technology and system could be output to other countries. The ultimate goals of happy water environment with safe water, and safe and livable industrial innovation would be gradually accomplished.

Fig. 1 Smart Control of Multiple Water Sources System


Fig. 2 Framework of System Service