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Cross-border experience sharing on the development of desalination technology

ECORBIT Company of South Korea and Jinn Howard Corporation visited Hsinchu emergency desalination unit at the new water conservancy base on May 23, 2022 (shown as Pic 1). The emergency desalination unit which is built to ensure the sufficient and steady water supply in Taiwan. Due to the hundred-year frequency drought event in early 2021- the specific condition of the plum rain season precipitation shortage, and no typhoon hit Taiwan during the typhoon season, reservoirs in Taiwan are insufficiently stored. In addition, the La Nina in early 2021 caused the lack of spring rain further lead to the serious shortage of water storage of Taiwan's reservoirs. This led to the implementation of water restrictions in central part of Taiwan. Therefore, Water Resources Agency rapidly promoted the emergency desalination facility in Hsinchu, which can provide 13,000 tons of water per day, and successfully alleviated the drought.

In this seminar, Water Resources Planning Institute shared the results related to drought resistance and introduced the planned site of the Hsinchu desalination plant in the future. ECORBIT Company also shared the experience and expertise of the seawater desalination projects in South Korea (shown as Pic 2). Through this experience exchange, it will be helpful for Taiwan and South Korea to promote the development of seawater desalination technology and improve the desalination technology adapting to climate change.

Visiting Hsinchu emergency desalination unit

Pic. 1 Visiting Hsinchu emergency desalination unit

Seawater desalination experience exchange

Pic. 2 Seawater desalination experience exchange